Our client, DR Koncerthuset, took home Silver at the 2019 Danish Digital Awards for pushing the boundaries of what AI driven personalization can achieve. As the jury noted, it is a remarkable case with exciting potential.

How AI driven personalization boosted sales by 354 %

The case was part of the Personalization category at Danish Digital Awards 2019, having in focus DR Koncerthuset’s measurable objectives and the process towards achieving the desired results:

Increase sales rate and customer engagement

• Create differentiated communication content through automation
• Improve email relevance and reduce spam
• Improve conversion from email, web site, and SoMe campaigns

The starting point

DR Koncerthuset has done a fulfilling strategy by the book, providing their customers with relevant digital communication: segmented, automated newsletter, onboarding flow, satisfaction measurements, targeted SoMe campaigns.

Can we do more about Personalization? Yes, we can. That’s when DR Koncerthuset and ONE Marketing decided to experiment advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in order to increase the communication relevance for each single customer, across all channels.

How can we take a step further?

In essence, the solution based on AI and Machine Learning makes use of traditional and response data to analyze and predict a customer’s interest for a specific event, making sure the customer is only facing relevant information across the different touchpoints: web, email, social media.

Initial results and strategy ahead

The tests on the email channels have proven to be extremely successful, bringing sales on +354% more tickets. The silver lining of coming second? We are streamlining our efforts into achieving the same results across all channels, by implementing the AI and ML technologies throughout the social media and the web platforms.

Next year: Gold