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Ioana Pintilie, CRM Consultant
Olivier Poivey, Partner
Kim Gregersen, Marketing Robot Developer
Waqas Siddique, Solutions Architect

DR Koncerthuset is a renowned concert venue in Copenhagen that hosts over 400 concerts within rock, pop, jazz and classical as well as family events for around 350.000 guests per year.  

They had gone a long way providing their customers with relevant digital communication in form of segmented, automated newsletter, on-boarding flow, satisfaction measurements and targeted SoMe campaigns, but executive management wanted more. They looked AI driven personalization as the next big driver of commercial value. 

How to evolve from a mature state

The digital marketing department at DR Koncerthuset were tasked with achieving three sequential objectives:

1) Create differentiated communication content through automation
2) Improve conversion from email, web site, and
SoMe campaigns
3) Increase sales rate and customer engagement

With programmatic advertising and campaign management being pushed to the limits of what was scalable, DR Koncerthuset and ONE Marketing decided to experiment with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). This meant a transition from controlled processes to trusting new technologies to effectively treat leads and customers. 

The idea

The initial concept was based on data analysis where we scored each addressable individual’s interest for a concert and their likelihood to purchase a ticket for this concert at defined a point in time. This likelihood was used to identity the most relevant concert(s) per customer or lead and orchestrate the promotion across eMail, website and SoMe

To scale and orchestrate

To scale, a ‘Cognitive Profile’ is automatically generated and continuously recalculated by a combination of AI and ML. As new offers are placed into DR Koncerthuset’s web content management system, all data and content surrounding the concert is scored and then matched to each individuals in a ‘Cognitive Match’. 

To orchestrate, their Marketing Automation platform was set up to automatically populate a dynamic eMail template with the combination and priority of concerts dictated by the Cognitive Match. 

"That can't be right?"

In August 2018, 7 concerts needed a sales push 

22.785 customers in a relevant segment were randomly split in two

In segment A 17.102 received a personalized email composed from the 1 to 7 relevant concerts based on the Cognitive Match, resulting in 2.275 email variants

In segment B. 5.683 received an undifferentiated email. 

Sales in segment A were 354% higher than segment B. 

What's next?

The solution has been expanded to be the personalization engine behind DR Koncerthuset’s website and social media campaigns, and is given autonomy to orchestrate and execute communication. 

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Client quote

”Customers getting personalized e-mails containing events that are relevant to them, buy 82% more tickets than customers getting our normal newsletter. Our conversion rate has increased 5 times after we have used ONE Prediction to select the right audience for our concerts”

Anne Buchwald, Senior CRM Manager at DR Koncerthuset

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Ioana Pintilie
CRM Consultant