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Maria Funder, CRM Consultant
John Heinrich, Solutions Architect
Henrik Broholm, Marketing Automation Specialist

Tryg is Denmark’s largest insurance company with 3,300 employees and more than three million private and commercial customers. Their insurance policies are mainly offered through their own sales and service channels or through partners. Orchestrating and scaling a coherent experience for leads and customers across departments, brands, partners is no easy task. 

Planning for success 

To face this challenge, Tryg has formed a proactive CRM team that is responsible for both B2B and B2C. Through insights and planning, they identify the messaging needed for different segments and stages in the customer life-cycle, and work with their internal marketing department to develop content. The CRM team works with ONE Marketing to design and implement the data flows and campaigns that orchestrate a relevant and timely customer experience.  

Scalable lead management 

With Tryg’s marketshare and number of partners, an incoming lead can easily be an existing customer. To ensure existing customers were identified and to create a scalable partner setup, manual list imports were replaced with direct API transfers into their existing Marketing Automation platform. From there, a wide range of business rules are enforced to identify existing customer and ensure the correct offer and channel is used to optimize the chance of a positive outcome.  

Personal automation 

Similarly, when a call center agent or sales representative from Tryg talks to a lead or customer, the same Marketing Automation platform is used to initiate contextual and personalized follow-up communication. This ensures the lead or customer’s response is recorded and can be used to trigger other automated campaigns and communication flows. For eMails, the open rates have exceeded 90%. 

Efficient onboarding

After having acquired a policy from Tryg or one of its brands, an onboarding program is triggered. It is personalized based on the previous history with Tryg and stand as a testament to how relevant and timely communication improves financial performance: 14% more policies take effect, and 16,5% more customers are still with Tryg after the first five months. 

What our client says

“With the automated lead set-up, we have set a new record and sent the new policies only 20 minutes after the customer bought a new car and gave consent to be contacted. It’s pretty cool in an industry where things do not always work that fast!”

Mads, Head of CRM, Tryg

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Maria Funder
CRM Consultant