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Jesper Åkesson, Client Service Director
Waqas Siddique, Solutions Architect
Mats Westergren, CRM Consultant

Viaplay wished to increase their relevance with the customer base by communicating directly to the individual user at the most relevant time. By implementing ‘In Product Communication’, Viaplay now has the opportunity to get even closer to the individual user.


The challenge for Viaplay was to deliver relevant messages to the customers in an easy and fast way at the exact moment that makes the most sense for the user. Segmented emails and text messages were already a part of Viaplay’s communication channels. Because of this, a solution was requested which to an even greater extent was customized to the individual user’s behavior and interests in order to increase the effect of Viaplay’s communication.


In order to meet Viaplay’s wish to accommodate the differences in the company’s customer base and to improve the individuals user’s experience on the Viaplay platform, ONE Marketing assisted with the implementation of “In Product Communication”.

In Viaplay’s case, ‘In Product Communication’ is about how Viaplay now has the opportunity to address individual users with messages through the Viaplay platform while the users are on the platform. The messages are based on the user’s behavior and includes information about new series and offers.

With the solution, it is also possible for Viaplay to collect more data on the users and use this to further improve the user experience. ‘In Product Communication’ works on all relevant user channels such as iOS, Android, desktop and smart TV.

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Jesper Åkesson
Client Service Director