We at ONE partnered with René Cederlund from C Analytics, who now shares office and works with the team.

René is a data scientist, and what does that mean for our clients?

René develops statistical models to predict different behaviors: churn, next best offer, engagement score, cross-sell, segmentation etc.


With this knowledge, we can act:

– Get hold of the clients who are likely to churn because they are not using the service.

– Be specific – what is the next best offer that the client will be interested in?

– Shout louder, but less often, to the clients who are not engaged.


It’s all about relevance and timely communication.


Our clients have already customer data, and the platform to act – a great platform to get started.

So welcome René to the team!

Olivier Poivey
Olivier PoiveyPartner

If you have questions, please feel free to contact:
Olivier Poivey, Partner – Mobil +45 26 10 02 44 – E-mail: op@onemarketing.dk