On October 1st, 2016, Anders Borup was appointed as the new CIO at ONE Marketing. He is already pleased with the job and the numerous new challenges and tasks, and we are pleased with having him on the team. The management group has been significantly strengthened with this appointment.

The main reason for Anders Borup’s job change to ONE Marketing was the prospect of having new challenges.

’I constantly seek challenges and changes in my job, and at ONE Marketing, there are lots of exciting tasks to take on.’

We were looking for a five-legged sheep – and we found it

’When you begin an employment process, you have a lot of ideas and ambitions for the profile, qualifications, personality, management force, match with our culture etc. In other words, what you are really looking for is a five-legged sheep. Shortly after Anders had entered the room for our first interview, there was no doubt in our minds that we had found just that: our five-legged sheep!’, says Olivier Poivey, managing partner at ONE Marketing.

Anders Borup brings with him a CV showing an extensive experience with IT and management. Among others, he has worked as a CTO with the newspaper Politiken, as a CIO with the auction house Lauritz.com and as an IT manager of the portal greenmenuplanner.com.

New regulation – new times

Anders Borup says about his job change to ONE Marketing:

‘I chose ONE Marketing because the company is successful. And who would not want to be part of a success? Successful companies can be just as demanding to work for as companies with difficulties. Structures change, and roles may change too. Tomorrow is never the same as yesterday and a dynamic environment is the fuel to creativity’.

Together with our IT team, Anders Borup aims to strengthen even further ONE Marketing’s IT platform and lead its development.

In addition, an exciting job awaits which Anders Borup will head as well: the job of assisting our clients with the implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. A regulation which predicts more strict demands on the treatment of personal data. The purpose is to standardize the rules on personal data within the EU. The regulation is expected to enter into force in May 2018. Together with the rest of the team, Anders Borup is ready to take on the job of implementation.

At ONE Marketing, we are already very pleased with the working relationship, and we are looking forward to continuing the close and constructive cooperation. Welcome to the team, Anders Borup!