”Occasionally one is faced by challenges. During the financial crisis, for example, one of our customers went bankrupt, and that was a difficult year. We could have reacted differently, but we just looked at each other and said, sometimes you make mistakes. That’s okay, as long as it makes us stronger”, says Søren Lauritsen who stands for Sales & Partnerships at ONE Marketing and together with Olivier Poivey founded the company more than a decade ago.

It is obvious that he and Olivier Poivey, who is Administrating Director, are goal orientated and will always strive to improve. Twice during the interview, they said that one of their ambitions for the business is to improve every single day.

ONE Marketing has turned 11 years old today and can look forward to a bright future. Already the company boasts success, with large companies such as Telia, Falk, Aller media, Viasat and Tryg in their portfolio. They have also recently signed a contract with a large international retailer.

It all started in 2005 when Olivier Poivey and Søren Lauritsen found inspiration in a new, up and coming approach to dialogue marketing: “Marketing Service Providing” which was the approach fast making inroads in the USA and England. They thought it would be exciting to provide companies with more targeted communication – that is in Denmark. There were, though, some challenges to be met in the beginning.

“We used the first four or five years to build a market. We had to create the need because the customers here didn’t realise that they had a one. There was a market in the USA and England, where it was the norm to outsource work such as data and the setting up of campaigns. We were missionaries so to speak. Back then we had to create the market, and now that market itself is heading in the right direction”, says Søren Lauritsen.

Søren Lauritsen tells how he and Olivier Poivey had to explain to potential customers that they actually had a need, that communication should be driven by data and insight, and that marketing programs should run automatically using integrated IT systems. Today this is commonplace for many of the larger Nordic companies, as more and more companies now run 2nd and 3rd generation marketing systems.

Back in 2005 Oliver Poivey and Søren Lauritsen were not certain in which direction the market would go. Olivier Poivey explains what ONE Marketings goals were in the beginning:

“We had no long-term plans. We took it one day at a time. I can clearly remember that we only wanted to earn good money and have good colleagues, so we would be satisfied. To earn a reasonable wage. We wanted customers to be impressed, that they could see the value of what we do. That was pretty much what motivated us. If we could achieve those goals, we would be satisfied.”

All those little ambitions Olivier Poivey and Søren Lauritsen had were realised and much more. If you ask them about the firm’s greatest success, they answer:

“It is a mixture of good, happy customers, and then there are our competent, motivated co-workers. We have a good name in the market. We are more than 30 employees, which we are proud of in a little market and a small country such as Denmark. We have bagged some big brands”, says Olivier Poivey.

Asked to describe ONE Marketing in up to five words, Olivier Poivey answers:

“Our mission and values are most important. The four words we would use are knowledgeable, adaptable, solution-oriented and forthcoming. Knowledgeable is our clever employees. Adaptable, because of the technology changes, customers and channels change, and we must be able to change ahead of our customers. Solution-oriented because we must be able to meet all our customers’ needs. We must always find a solution. Forthcoming means being able to communicate on equal terms with our customers because we don’t just talk IT to marketing and marketing to IT, we must inter-communicate all of that knowledge.”

ONE Marketing’s success and growth are reflected in the vision the two men have for the company.

“We are in the process of discussing our future plans, which are positive. We see a market in growth, only limited by our own ambitions of how far we want to go. There are masses of possibilities. We will have a company which is focused on achieving and maintaining a stable growth, with the goal of increasing the number of customers, services, and not least of all happy, engaged employees. The latter being our most important asset”, says Søren Lauritsen.

ONE Marketing has already begun to find customers in Sweden and Norway, with more on the way. ONE Marketing has the ambition to do even more for our Nordic neighbours over the next five years. Now it is all about expansion.