ONE Marketing helps Viaplay with a new solution – In Product Communication

One of the biggest challenges companies face today is reaching out with relevant communication to their customer base in an easy and fast way. Through different channels like email and social media, you can reach out to a certain percentage of these customers, but the reach in the email and social media channels are still limited.
Viaplay has a lot of customers with personal interests and all of them are unique to them. Viaplay always wants to improve their customers user experience.

This spring Viaplay successfully completed an integration through their Marketing Automation tool, Portrait Dialogue, and their own platform. This integration will make it possible to post relevant messages to the customer base in their own product. It will be available on most if its devices like iOS, Android, Desktop and TV.
This new solution will enhance the flow of communication so that the relevant message will be pushed through the relevant channel at the most relevant time for the customer to see it.
This not only benefits Viaplay but also their customers as it helps the customer to find relevant content to watch.

Viaplays new solution makes it possible to retrieve information about the individual customer and make personalized suggestions for movies or series based on earlier behaviour. In that way, Viaplay can increase the customer experience because the communication is highly relevant.
At ONE Marketing, we are so happy to accommodate Viaplays desire to communicate directly to their customers in the most natural place – In the product itself – at the most relevant time.