In short

The insurance company Tryg, felt the need to improve their communication efforts targeted at existing customers and leads, by collecting relevant and up-to-date data and thereby improve costumer handling with the use of more personalization.

By optimizing the use of Portrait, a marketing automation software, together with a modified architect solution it became possible for Tryg to handle the process automatically and become more targeted in their communication.

The challenge

The challenge for Tryg was to personalize their communication targeted leads and customers based on individual data containing information on different product combinations, coming from several data sources. It used to be a hassle for Tryg to verify that the information was up-to-date. It was a manual process but is now simplified and optimized – without compromising the relevancy of the communication.

The solution

The solution to Tryg’s challenge was to implement an extended architect solution in the marketing automation software Portrait Dialogue, which Tryg already used. Various data from Tryg’s partners was previously delivered and handled manually into Portrait but is now a part of an automated process which imports data via API-transfers, so the data is up-to-date. The solution ensures recognizability in relation to data and data sources that was too diverse to be handled automatically in the previous process.

The solution gives Tryg the opportunity to improve their communication to both existing customers and leads, who have given their permission as it is now possible for Tryg to personalize their communications efforts which increases relevancy for the recipient. Thereby Tryg gain their chances to build a good relationship with customers and leads already from the first moment of truth.

Industry: The Insurance Industry