Tuesday, April 10, ONE Marketing hosted the IBM Watson Inspiration Day. The purpose of the day was to create awareness about the opportunities in Watson Campaign Automation (WCA) and to share ideas with each other. Eleven companies showed up and had the possibility to go into details with many exciting aspects.
IBM was also represented this day, which gave the opportunity to enable deep questions and exchange best practice with Content Hub, web tracking and WCA Insights as a focal point.

Intelligent use of data with ONE Prediction

The day opened up for personalization based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with ONE Prediction, which is capable of recognizing personality types and enriching data. We came behind the scene of DR Koncerthuset and saw how intelligent data usage helped boost the impact of personalized emails. With more than 600 concerts a year, it can be difficult to hit the spot with the communication every time. Collecting data from multiple media has made it possible to prioritize what types of concerts each receiver prefers, and which should display in the receiver’s mail box. This applies to both the content and the order in which the content should appear. Based on the personalized e-mails, they are in a process of developing personalization on the DR Koncerthuset’s website, as personalization also already is used in DR Koncerthuset’s updates at social media platforms. The development means that DR Koncerthuset sends fewer mails, but since the mail is more relevant to the individual receiver, the receivers of the newsletter are now accountable for 96% of the total ticket sales

Dynamic content and scoring model with WCA

We had the chance to hear how Aller Media and Nyhavn Rejser have become closer to their customers, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by WCA.

Aller Media was busy with their Christmas campaign 2017. Their 17 brands with 4 target groups each, was supposed to receive 8 mails before Christmas. With 544 mails in the jug, the task seemed almost impossible. Dynamic Content became the solution to the task, which made individual preferences possible. Merging dynamic content, the 8 send outs could be cut down to 32 emails. By making a prioritized list of Aller Media brands based on the report of last year’s Christmas campaign and setting up common rulesets, Dynamic Content managed the rest. With all this time saved, there were room for experiments. An A/B test was done on subject line and content, where both countdown and GIFs were used.

Nyhavn Rejser has mapped the individual customer’s journey with the help of web tracking and has become even closer to their customers. Web tracking has given Nyhavn Rejser insights into what types of trips their customers are interested in. A travel questionnaire has also provided a color coding scheme to determine the customer’s degree of loyalty. With knowledge of the customer’s travel history, questionnaire responses, and intelligent processing of customer data, it has been possible to map the individual customer’s journey This has led to the customer contact for which to be used for the single customer in order to maximize engagement.

IBM Journey Designer and Social Engagement

Two British WCA customers also shared how WCA had brought their customer communications to a new level.
We had the pleasure of RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) who flew in from England to share their success story. RSPCA has combined the Journey Designer with Social Engagement in their campaigns. Close contact with donors and their connections on social media, have resulted in a higher level of engagement (into their causes). When interested prospects sign up for the newsletter or specific events, they are send into different automated flows of emails where dynamic content is used to personalize the emails. The close contact with stakeholders in both e-mail and on social media has not only attracted more donors, but also resulted in an increasing number of adoptions of the organization’s animals.

The Scottish television channel STV has been successful in combining Journey Designer with several media channels. Here, surveys, SMS, push notifications and social media play a key role. With 3.5 million. viewers and a wide variety of programs, there are many different audiences. By using IBM Performance Insights, it has been possible to make lookalike audiences and to segment based on engagement. This was the start of the journey for STV, where e-mail send outs have been automated and a one-to-one relationship based on individual preferences built up. With knowledge of the viewers’ individual preferences, viewers today receive different communications through their favorite media.