Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy


ONE Marketing strives to manage data in accordance to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The privacy of our visitors is important to us. If you do not want cookies on this website to gather information about you, please delete cookies when you visit this website.

When using the contact form on this website, your request is send to, this e-mail address is checked daily. After your request have been given to the right person, your data will be deleted.

In the process of recruitment, all applicants’ data will be kept during the recruitment process. By the end of the recruitment process, your data will be deleted. If you provide us with a written permission, your data will be kept for 6 month.

Personal data

This website gathers information about visitors’ activities on this website. We use anonymized IP-addresses, which mean that we track your activity on this website, but because of the anonymization the data will not be personally identifiable.
We use personal data for the following purposes:

  • Advertising on Facebook through Facebook Pixels, where your data is only gathered if you allow cookies
  • Advertising on LinkedIn through scripts, where your data is only gathered if you allow cookies
  • Recruitment and contact initiated by the website visitors
  • Gathering cookies, see the cookies section below

When the gathered data is no longer necessary for the purpose it has been gathered, the data will be deleted. We use our own server placed in Denmark.