We design, engineer and run marketing ecosystems

We partner with our Nordic clients to design blueprints for valuable customer experiences and engineer them with data and marketing technology. We’ll help you navigate your options, connect the technology dots and keep them strapped for the future to come.

Technology we employ:

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…and whatever tech you have buzzing.

Don’t you just love good listeners?

We do. That’s why we provide the ears, the experience and the people to create rewarding customer relationships. We will listen carefully and consult you to design the blueprint, engineer the solutions and assist you to operate them.

Box 1 BLUEPRINTS Diagonal 1 Horizontal 1 Line Horizontal 1.1 Line Horizontal 1.2 Line Text Lines 1 Texts 1 Business case discovery CRM program management Customer lifecycle & KPI mapping Segmentation & personalization framework Loyalty framework CRM+CX roadmap Marketing technology management Enterprise & domain architecture Platform assessments Vendor selection IT program management Consent framework Connecter 1 Box 2 ENGINEERING Diagonal 2 Horizontal 2 Horizontal 2.1 Text Lines 2 style="white-space: pre; text-anchor: end;" Texts 2 Marketing technologyimplementation Marketing AutomationPlatform Customer Data Platform Personalization Engine Digital & ProductAnalytics Data staging & integrationlayer development Data modelling Custom integrations API development Front-end development Report and dashboarddevelopment Connecter 2 Box 3 OPERATIONS Diagonal 3 Horizontal 3 Line Text Lines 3 Texts 3 User training Team coaching Manager sparring Hands-on execution Technical flow building Quality assurance Application maintenance Application and integrationmonitoring Single-point-of-contact support handling

Everybody’s special

It’s true and no two journeys are the same.

Some clients have fully mapped plans and need only an outsourced development partner. Some have a customer strategy but need a partner to transform it into action and others have an abundance of technology but aren’t using it to its true capacity.

We have plenty of experience with a string of diverse and ambitious clients in the Nordics and we pride ourselves for our ability to partner with each for whatever they need and inspire them for the next bend in the road.

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Our people and processes make us able to provide cross-functional skillsets and hands-on experience. This allows us to size teams more efficiently and provide better and more lean consulting.

If you have a question or project to discuss, get in touch with our partner Søren.

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Believe in you. We do.

At ONE Marketing, you’ll make world class work with a very friendly and talented team. Our ambitions are high, and you will join pleasantly nerdy colleagues that are committed to each other and their work. No matter what you are passionate about, you will work with the newest technologies and cloud infrastructure, the most innovative and customer centric experience designs and lots of data driven performance.

No openings or not your favorite job? Drop us a line. We are always on the lookout for talent and experience within areas like business intelligence, data engineering, marketing technology, data science, customer experience or a new and interesting mix that you know how to master. Send our Managing Partner Søren a line about yourself and what you’d love to work with.

Drop Søren a line

And who are we?

We are +30 experienced marketeers (believe us, we are, but not all were in the house for picture day).

We are architects, engineers, specialists, and a few generalists. Our clients come from all over the Nordics, but our team is based in Copenhagen. Since we started in 2005, we have implemented over 80 full-scale solutions and have had clients with us for over a decade.

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